Friday, November 12, 2010

No work.

So I am still unemployed and its not looking like that is going to change anytime soon unfortunately. So in the mean time I am working on expanding my CV in between hours of playing Fallout NV and TF2. Soon I may begin to properly rename my various files and movies as well as deleting old crap thats no longer needed. The GF isnt very impressed at the minute but she has full time work and therefore wont be seeing me slothing it up on the computer during the day.

I might also crack out the ps2 we have lying around for some laughs.


  1. still lookin for work too.
    havnt worked since last christmas..

    hope and change amiright?

  2. Putting today's work off til tomorrow results in huge piles of sorrow!

  3. Good Luck finding a job bro! I was down that path before. Unemployed for nearly 4 months...

  4. ul man! good luck getting 1 soon ;)