Sunday, November 14, 2010

God of War

So as I suggested before, I blew the dust out my Ps2 and started playing God of War again.

Turns out that I had a memory card with a partially completed game on it and well, sure as hell I planted my ass and clocked this game again and I tell you what I'd forgotten about how excellent this game was. The smooth movement of the fighting system or the overall straight killing machine-ness that Kratos is.

One aspect that I didn't fully appreciate when I first played this is the almost 0 load time this game has. I can think of more then several times that I got stuck in one area and continuously died for about 15 minutes until finally getting through. This was made much more bearable by the almost instant return to game play instead of pissing about at a lolyourdead screen.

Definitely worth another play if your looking to break out your ps2 again.


  1. Yeah, I love playing older games. While PS2 isn't really that old, I still consider it to be a good system. Took years of abuse before they would break, didn't have hour long load times, best controls, etc.

  2. I wish I didn't sell my PS2 years back...I still have a memory card with my Tony Hawk 3 data saved for some reason. ha