Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blue screen of Death

Recently my computer blue screened on me after I woke it up from hibernation. For some reason this time it chose to sit at 100% cpu usage for around 5 minutes before finally deciding to fix itself by blue screening.

This got me thinking, how many of our computer related sayings have been coined by someone in the original dot com boom and have carried over to a time and place many many years later?

I all so decided that it was likely to be caused by the ram or the cpu. I guess we will never know though as it hasn't happened again as of late.


  1. Never had one on my PC but had few on work..

    Worst thing that happen to me is power went down and after it came back on.. my OS was fu*ked up

  2. too much Sasha Grey will kill any computer.

  3. could be several things.. you should monitor your temps

  4. Until recently I thought windows XP couldn't give blue screens, until I got one after inserting an empty cdrom.... :S